2021 Registration and Reserved Parking Instructions

Step 1 - Reserved Parking - Included in Entry Fee
Only one space per vehicle entered. If you are part of car club reservation go to step 2


ONLINE – Click on the button below to the reserve your parking space. List the number of spaces you wish to reserve (one per vehicle registered) and the default date of Friday (reservation good for entire weekend). At the bottom of the next screen choose map or best available. Clicking on map will allow you to choose your space much in the same manner you would reserve a seat at a ball game. Choosing "best available" will automatically assign a space. MAIN FIELD PARKING (Section M) is for the mornings and afternoons on Friday andSaturday as well as Sunday until closing - due to the Friday and Saturday night concerts there is no parking on the stadium field– space is available in Field X for Friday and Saturday nights.





BY PHONE – Call the Caballeros Office at 928-343-1715 to purchase by phone with credit card.


Reserved parking was instituted several years ago to allow car clubs and groups the option of parking in a common area. If you are a member of a car club or group that has taken advantage of group reservations your reservation may have been paid in advance by your club or group representative.


Step 2 - Vehicle Registration - $125 per car (Inlcudes Parking)

REGISTRATION FORM – Use the printed form in the 2021 MATO Brochure that was given emtrants at the 2020 festival or click on the button below to download the 2021 Registration Form in Adobe PDF format, which can be completed electronically and then printed for submission by mail. Registration fee is $125 per vehicle. If you reserved a parking space please include the Field Number, Row Letter and Space Number in the box on the form. Complete the form and mail it with your check to: Caballeros de Yuma, PO BOX 5987, Yuma, AZ 85364. If you wish to pay by credit card, please include your credit card information on your registration form.

You may reserve your parking space at any time, however, your registration form must be received within 14 days of your parking space order or space will be released.




Step 3 - Extra Badges $50 and T-Shirts $15 (optional)

You may purchase extra event badges at $50 per and extra shirts at $15 by phone at 928-343-1715. Badges and shirts will be included in your event package at check-in on Friday, March 5, 2021.







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